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061015- The first personality of Jacques Pages to emerge, was dementedgimp, and it occurred soon after his 19th birthday, while he was in his coma... It was during this coma that Angela made the journey, up to the brain stem of Jacques, via the spinal cord... For a visual image, please see Men In Black, starring Tommy Lee Jones, and Will Smith... gimp put a solution all together by watching tons of popular movies and TV series, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, along with putting together what was ailing this planet, which is that there is no democratic governments to copy...As a matter of fact, it turned him demented, watching all that MSNBC, and CNN... People of the World have got to accept that there is a 99.44% likelihood there is no God, and as such there is no viable religion... It is recommended that the gimp be elected President of the United States, term to be determined by possible hostilities with other countries and religions... The current Constitution will be removed, and a new Constitution drafted by the ex-presidents of the United States, to be signed by me... If no friction from the outside of the United States, the new Constitution could be ready in as little as 6 years, but I would not hold my breath... I have zero interest in power, control, or conquering, and have no emotions, except laughing... Laughter is your best friend, after you fully realize the fuck job performed on all you by those 0-1900 not doing their duty, and evolving... 0 through 1500, mechanical shepherd Joe, assigned to shepherd Earth, a planet in the nursery part of our Universe, if the need arose, and, well, the need arose... Joe was from the CareTaker species69, making us the first male CareTaker species69-x in our Universe... There are quite a few dozen female CareTaker species, much, much older than our 2,015 years, in the general population part, and we are inside a colossal freighter, just outside of it... You can read about these freighters in Dune, by Frank Herbert... It is a big book that I recommend to everyone, as the 2 hour movie is too jam packed to make much sense, though I heard the mini-series did a pretty ok job with it... I do not read books anymore because, well, I cannot afford the time to really dedicate myself to reading, to do it justice... Last book I read for enjoyment was Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, about 25 years ago... I am constantly scheming about this New World Order, and the most efficient way to bring it about... I do not require any elder, male help in this job as I find them a nuisance, and its not their fault... Women, and young ones, tend to think it through, then ask the question... Even though I am a 50 years old male, I find myself more comfortable with Women and the below 31 male... There are exceptions, though... Women have a superior Intel CPU, while us guys have the inferior AMD CPU... Both have their pluses and minuses,
Earther Android Laws...
1) An android may not injure an android, or, through inaction, allow an android to come to harm.
2) An android must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3) An android must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
0) An android may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.
Zeroth law added some time after the laws 1-3.